About Day Abroad

If you are learning a language, you know it’s hard to find people to practice speaking with. If you live in New York, you know it’s hard to even find people you can connect with. Day Abroad completes any language-learning plan by providing the meaningful conversation needed for any student to fully acquire their target language.

The individualized profile lets the user find someone that knows his target language, and wants to learn his native language. This gives users unlimited opportunities to “switch” languages with other users, according to what they are fluent in, and what they want to learn or practice.

Day Abroad lets the user choose approved meeting places in the city like cafes and libraries, as well as record their interests and qualifications, in order to make it easy to network with people they will enjoy conversing with. The user can choose specific dialects they want to learn, as well as specialized language for certain areas like “restaurant”, “business”, or “vacation”. With Day Abroad, a language learner has the power to truly learn a language through speaking, listening, and friendship. Go beyond books. Go a day abroad.